What is SBI?

What is SBI?

What Is SBI?

I get asked that question all the time, and to be honest, that's the first thing I mumbled to myself when I was web surfing back in late 2010.

You see, I'd been busy looking for "paying work" since my current employment had fizzled out (as a Junior Mechanical Engineering Designer for a local company who sold out to a California company). But don't feel sorry for me!

I loved the idea of working from home but I was a bit stumped as to what to do next. There were/are too many scams out there and I was wary, to say the least.

Light Bulb

At the time, I'd developed a strong interest for dehydrating fruits and veggies and wanted to share my knowledge with other like-minded people. But how? Light bulb moment ... "I'll start a website!"

When One Door Closes ...

When One Door Closes ...

Yes the sage old saying "When one door closes, another one opens ..." is so darned true. And luckily for me, I discovered SBI, aka SiteSell. Many people think that SiteSell is about "selling your site after you've built it" but that's NOT the case. But while I'm at it with the acronyms, SBI means Solo Build It!

Solo Build It!

When I first began surfing for site hosts, I was totally clueless. In the search box I typed in what we all would want to know: "free website hosting and builder" — and I got back what you would expect. Offers that were too good to be true and offers that were too bad to mention here. Then I found the bright spot. SBI. And Ken Evoy. The guy's a genius. His support staff are "second-to-none" — always there when you need them!

SBI is a Business-in-a-Box

SBI is a

So, you've got a great idea, have tons of knowledge on the subject. Now what? Well, you need to have a plan.

With SBI, everything you need to know (and then some) is included in the price. Yes, I know you're gonna ask "how much" and I'll get into that shortly!

  • Learn how to find the keywords that matter
  • Name your site properly
  • Register your site (that's included in SBI's price, so don't go paying elsewhere for your name!)
  • Create your site using one of SBI's professionally-designed templates
  • Use file names, meta descriptions, etc. with ease
  • Run your masterpiece page through SBI's SEO-checker better known as "Analyze It!"
  • Publish your live webpage(s)
  • Share your page(s) on your social networks it's all explained in detail
  • Create your own product to sell (eBooks are a great way to start)
  • and if you get stuck with your design? Give Susan Gast a shot at fixing it for you!

... and you can do all this for less than a dollar a day!

... and you can do all this
for less than a dollar a day!


There are two payment options: go yearly and save sixty bucks, or go monthly for only $29.99

I have to tell you, there's nowhere on planet earth where you can start and maintain a business for under thirty bucks a month ... check out the SBI ad and you'll see just what's included. Don't forget to watch "The Complete Online Business Builder" video, below, too.

Oh yeah, there's a full 90-day Risk-Free trial guarantee.

Special SiteSell Promotion

SBI has turned out to be a big bright spot in my life. How so? With the ability to create websites on a monthly budget, I'm able to come up with new sites. Sometimes, I do lose the initial steam and I either 'retire' those sites, or have SBI look after them for a tiny yearly fee. But more often than not, I enjoy going from one site to another adding pages when I'm inspired! When you go the monthly payment route, if you change your mind early and you really really really do NOT want to continue with the website, you can cancel it! However I think you'll enjoy the process so much, that you'll want to keep your website business going!

My website Easy Food Dehydrating was asked by Mother Earth News™ to write posts on dehydrating (which I did!). You just never know what great things are just around the corner!

See What Susan Has to Say About SBI ...

See What Susan Has
to Say About SBI ...

If you haven't already guessed, Susan is one of their biggest fans (she joined back in 2010 and loves 'em!) Even though she dabbled with WordPress™ sites and their "neat" templates, there wasn't any business guidance. But, a few years ago, SBI wisely added WordPress™ help to their Action Guide.

Alas, Susan gave up on WordPress™ sites. Why? Every time she logged in to the site there were always a myriad of plugin updates, not to mention template updates. She seemed to spend more time updating than actually creating and posting content! There's zero updating with SBI. You just log in and away you go!

What are YOU waiting for?

What are YOU
waiting for?

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to create your bright spot? Good! Let's get going and remember, if you're not so design-savvy and need a helping hand, I'm ready, willing, and able to help ... I live, eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff!

Drop me a line HERE if you need help with your SBI website!

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